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Solar Wind

2396 AD.
A space vessel is stranded in the outer Oort cloud.
No help is coming. The Explorers and Astronomers aboard, suffering from asphyxiation and frostbite are starting to hallucinate.
This is their Fractal Hallucination.

by Julius Horsthuis


Tefal – Don’t Blame My Mum

Poor Freddie. This anthropomorphic French fry has been branded as mere junk food all his life and is determined to right this injustice. With the help of Julien Faure as director and the Marcel Agency, Freddie has been given a voice in this Troublemakers production for Tefal Canada. In the first film of the three-part series, Freddie introduces us to his mother and pleads his case. Will you save the French Fry? His mommy would be so proud!


Client: T-Fal Canada
Agency: Marcel
Creative Director: Emmanuel Lalleve
Creative Director: Florent Imbert
Art Director: Therese Jonsson
Copyrwiter: Linnea Kavsjo
Tv Producer: Elodie Jonquille
Tv Producer: Cleo Ferenczi
Account Director: Chloé Beillacou
Account Executive: Noëlla Neffati
Account Assistant: Joséphine Lipp

Production Company:
Director: Julien Faure
Executive Producer: James Hagger
Production Manager: Cécile Alvarez
Production Assistant: Clara Lainé
Production Assistant: Lucas Besse
1st Assistant Director: Thomas Bidart
Director of Photography: Sebastien Gonon
Focus Puller: Nicolas Batisse
Sound Engineer: Kerwin Rolland
Gaffer: Khalid Neziane
Production Designer: Franck Limon-Duparcmeur
Property Master: Sabri Merad
Actor: Robert Hoehn
Extra: Vincent Thomas

Motion Capture: Mocaplab
Motion Capture Shoot Directoor: Remi Brun
Motion Capture Supervisor: Frank Vayssettes
Motion Capture Editor: Charles Fougeront
R&D Supervisor: Ahmed Turki

Post-Production: Digital District
Post-Producer: Peggy Tavenne
Post-Producer: Vincent Leroy
VFX Supervisor: Arnaud Leviez
Editor: Guillaume Boutin

Sound Design: Dîner au Motel



it's hard living as a carnivorous plant, especially if your competitor has charm and beauty!
È dura la vita di una pianta carnivora, soprattutto se la concorrenza ha fascino e bellezza!

Based on an original idea by
Flavia Minnone & Lorenzo Giol

Directed by
Lorenzo Giol

Alan Millo – Lorenzo Giol

Texturing & Shading
Alan Millo – Andrea Spinelli – Lorenzo Giol

Alan Millo

Alan Millo

Alan Millo

Alan Millo – Andrea Spinelli

Fur & Dynamics
Andrea Spinelli

Alan Millo – Lorenzo Giol

Roberto Bassetti

Fabio Chirico

Sound FX
Lorenzo Giol – Roberto Bassetti

4bit animation studio (

In collaboration with
Workin'n Music
CEM studio recording Novara


Brutus the Bound – The Infinite Gladiator

Brutus, a great warrior from a distant planet, is ripped from his past and taken to the future of an evil Overlord. The Overlord holds Brutus' family hostage, and binds Brutus in a temporal harness, forcing him to become an Infinite Gladiator, fighting opponents throughout time and space.


Production Credits

Created By: Joe Croson
Animation: Exit 73 Studios

Author Ablaze Visuals